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We pride ourselves on providing understandable, affordable websites to your business. We also help you better understand and integrate all the new  web trends to your website needs.


We are experienced, innovative and all our services and support is 100% on-shore from our team. We like to keep our business processes streamlined while delivering a fully customised service.


We design until you’re happy, we call it our Happiness Guarantee. There has never been a better time to be a business owner and establish your identity online using the power of the internet.


Crepas Hub is a Virtual Technology Company in Uganda, Well established and committed to delivering fast, competitive reliable solutions to your Website needs. Crepas Hub offers a wide portfolio of Internet and website services, we meet and work with selective clients from all over the country. We specialize in Website Design, Website Hosting, Graphics Design and E-Marketing.

Crepas Hub has an integrated team of web consultants, creative designers, programmers and marketing professionals that know how to get your business result. We confidently offer you high quality services because we have the needed team of experts in these areas. We work with you personally to understand your business needs and what distinguishes us from others is that we offer you guaranteed satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your layout, we can modify it until you are.

Website design
Website Hosting
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Our Team

Kaiza Ismail

Kaiza Ismail

Graphic Designer

I like my Job at Crepas Hub

Jingo Umar

Jingo Umar

Web Developer

As a design am very passionate about killer designs.

Kam Hera Muhammad

Kam Hera Muhammad

Marketing Manager

I open a whole new world of dignity and choice

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

Jingo Umar

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IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy

Website design

Website design

With a myriad of design backgrounds and over several decades of combined experience between the talented designers and developers here, we create beautiful, high-end, user-friendly web experience for your business and your customers. It is simply what we do, and we pride ourselves on being very good at what we do. And when it comes to putting up or shutting up, we simply suggest you check out our portfolio.



E-marketing services enables you to create specific marketing for each segment of your audience. These services let you spread news about your company and bring in new customers in an efficient and reportable way. If you’d like some tips on running better campaigns, check out our articles on bulk email marketing.

Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Every business, even if it only has one employee, needs a website seriously. A company without a website is leaving serious money on the table, because an attractive and informative Web presence can draw a slew of potential clients or customers. That means choosing a Web hosting service and setting up your website.

Graphics design

Graphics design

We take the time to get to know you and together will discover your company’s optimal message. Our goal is to understand both your products and services as well as what you need to achieve your goals. Then, we’ll produce premium designs for you to choose from and you’re on your way.

From the Blog

Hello 2016!

As we ushered the new year, we would like to thank you all our clients, partners and friends for being part of our success in building awesome web products.

In this new year 2016, we promise to provide amazing services and exceed our clients expectations on project delivery, creative web designs and client budget.

We wish you all a marvelous 2016!

Redesign Your Old Website

1. The need to manage your content easily with WordPress

WordPress has evolved from a blog platform to a content management system used all over the world by different companies and organizations.

Its easier to manage your website content. You can write your company news or add new products on your website. Its has a huge community which builds themes and plugins that you may need for your website.

Fresh content will make your visitors come back to your website.
2. Go mobile

Responsive website design has been there for a while now and if your website is still not visible properly on a mobile device, know that you are loosing visitors who are viewing your website from mobile.

The growth of mobile devices is growing every year and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.
3. On top of Google search results

Your older website which is not updated with new content will nit be visible on the google first page of results.

Google’s search engine updates its algorithm used to index website regularly which might affect your old website as it uses old website standards.
4. Track and analyze your visitors

Being able to know who your visitors are, what they like is important to your business. You will need to know their behavior by analyzing their visits so that you can get feedback to improve your services or products.
5. Website Security

Your website security is very crucial to your business. Your website needs to be updated regularly with security patches if it is built using open source content management system like WordPress or Joomla!. This makes your website free from hackers who might want to take your business down.

Let us help your redesign your website today. Call us on +256 702 761 968 or email info@crepashub.com to get your website a new face lift.

Responsive designing concept

Responsive designing also known as responsive web designing is a concept of web designing that is intended to create sites that offer more ideal viewing experience. This means that navigating the site is simpler and more enjoyable.

In Responsive Web Designing, the experience incorporates easy readability that does not entail too much scrolling or changes in the page orientation. This makes it easier to navigate the site from a wide array of devices without any difficulty, for instance, laptops, phones, and desktop computers.

A site that incorporates Responsive Web Design makes the viewing field easier to use by making use of grids that are flexible in nature as well as images that can adapt to different screens. The concept of having a fluid and flexible grid needs t have the elements sizing of a page to be present in related units for instance in percentages instead of inflexible units like points and pixels. The images also make use of relative units to ensure that they do not get displayed outside the intended field.

This concept ensures that when the user makes a switch from using for example a laptop and moves to using the phone; the same web page should be easier to use as it should make an automatic transition that accommodates all the aspects that are present in the site. These elements include pictures, charts, the resolution, and the size of the images. This means that the site should have the ability to transition to the preferences of the user and thus eliminate the need for different designing phase for the adaptation of various gadgets.

Want a responsive website design for your company? Send us a message now or call us on +256 702 761 968.

Twitter Feed

To set up the “Twitter Feed Slider” element, go to Dev.Twitter.com and create a new app, so you can get your keys for the feed.

As you can see, you can set YouTube videos as section background!


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